FSDL: ” What would you say is unique about FSDL’s services or our way of doing business? ”

I have every confidence that FSDL would do their best in meeting our needs in shipping logistics and release of our shipment (sometimes pending receipt of payment). Indeed we are viewed as their trusted customers.

FSDL: “In what way(s) have FSDL made it easy for you to do business with us?”

Customer service is exceptional. The timeliness in which we receive our quotation from the sales representative and the timely notification upon arrival of our shipment.

FSDL: “Would you recommend FSDL to others?”

Yes I would recommend FSDL to others.

FSDL: “Should the opportunity arise, would you use FSDL’s services again?”

Most definitely once your rate remains competitive with reasonable transit time.

Delina Gaspard
Purchasing Manager
Saint Lucia Distillers Group of Companies